Free writing on my research question

  • My research question is how a pedagogically more effective teaching program can improve student interpreters’ sight translation skills for optimal training as community interpreter    (50words)
  • Researchers who have looked at this subject are not many due to long neglect of the topic either because its importance as a stand alone skill is undervalued 9assumed knowledge or skill) or because it is simply never explored
  • They argue that no real research has been done on this and people are not aware how critical it is to interpreter training …
  • Debate centres in the issue of lack of training/resources which are not shared by institutions – not many books around on it * must make at least a passing  reference to this!
  • There is still work to be done on what really constitutes as an effective sight translation skill and how it can be taught
  • My research is closest to that of …. In that ,,, * I haven’t found anything really substantial that seems close to mine
  • My contribution will be to come up with a teaching program with clearly defined skill sets that can be taught and developed