Dae Young Kim, a Sydney-based Korean interpreter-researcher

Combining wealth of teaching experience & interpreting/translating practice with passion for research

Dae Young Kim is dedicated to bringing research to interpreting practice which reflects best practice based on thoroughly researched interpreting theories ranging from Dialogic Interactive Paradigm to Interpretive Theory applicable key modes of interpreting, i.e., simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and sight translation.

He has been teaching interpreting and translating at a number of institutions in Sydney since 2005 and has been an interpreter for multinational conferences, court trials and foreign delegations since 1989. He is a NAATI Professional Interpreter and Translator.

He holds M.Ed.(TESOL, University of Sydney) and B.A. (TEFL) and is currently undertaking his Master of Research from Western Sydney University.

His research interest covers translation and interpreting studies and pedagogy of translation and interpreting.